“Knowledge is power”

While education and teaching skills are our core initiatives our activities include a range of services to communities in Siem Reap and certain rural areas of Cambodia.

We are a family and community funded NGO and do not require donations, but we encourage like-minded  visitors to spend a little  time helping our Khmer teachers with correct English pronunciation and to interact with the kids and share their knowledge.

Our activities:

  • Building and refurbishing schools and libraries.
  • Providing free Computer and English classes,  sponsorships, bursaries and student loans.
  • Empowering women in remote villages to provide solar power, clean water, Health and Hygiene.
  • Recycling computers and electronic technology to schools, institutions and students.
  • Teaching  skills and providing jobs in social enterprises.
  • Village industries: crocheting, sewing, etc.
  • Supporting like minded NGO’s and social enterprises with know how, tools equipment and technology.

If you are keen to get involved and volunteer your time or expertise please email:  issy.penn@gmail.com