We have learnt that if we teach a skill to women and particularly older and mature  women, then unlike men they do  not leave the village  for a job in the big smoke, where the action is, but pass on their skills to their skills to the next generation .

“Teach a woman and you teach a mother, a family a community and a nation”

While visiting remote villages to select grandmother volunteers to be trained at the “Barefoot College” in India on how to install solar power in their villages we soon learnt that the lack of facilities went far beyond just the need for electricity.


A more holistic approach was needed in promoting communities to cooperate in their common interests, by for example appointing a democratically elected committee (municipality) to use funds from, for example the savings in introducing solar Power, to provide the community with other essential services:- clean water, schooling,  health and hygiene, etc.


“Our ambition is that by providing the know how and tools to this generation, it will bring change to the next generation”