Education is the single most important thing that will bring change to a once proud nation, which the Pol Pot era left racked with poverty, ignorance, and corruption and which will put a stop to its children being driven into hopelessness and depravity.

Few of the intelligentsia survived the executions during the Khmer Rouge’s regime. By 1978, there were almost no surviving teachers, lawyers and other academics in the country—an entire generation of role models was eliminated.

Only 32% of the children attend secondary school. Partially due to widespread child labor on farms, construction, garment manufacturing, recycling and even sexual exploitation.

More young girls work than boys and as a result, the ratio of boys to girls in school is 3 to 1.

Just Teaching works closely alongside other NGOs such as, New Hope Cambodia, and assists in the development and renovation of schools as well providing text books and necessary teaching equipment.

Teachers and tourists visiting Siem Reap are welcome to come and volunteer some spare time at one of the schools. No need to have experience as our Khmer teachers work from pre-set curriculums, but need assistance with correct English pronunciation and the kids benefit from interacting with foreigners .

Enjoy an hour or two from 4 or 5PM.  To arrange please contact us by Email:

OR PHONE:      

Kanha       +855 10669910

Sophal    +855 12961648                             

We are a family and community funded charity and do not encourage monetary donations. To those that wish to donate funds, we recommend the Life and Hope Association. The Life and Hope Association is a genuine charity run by the Monks that ensures 100% of funds are used for their intended purpose. Simply click on the link below for further details

Life and Hope Association

Pictures of schools and projects justteaching has assisted:

Abandoned leaky old school: BEFORE


New school Roof and renovations:

 Banteay Srei District

One of the lovely children pictured below was rescued from a life of slavery after being indentured as a domestic servant by her poverty stricken Mother, deprived of an education and a childhood and forbidden to leave her “employers” house in which it was only a matter of time that sexual abuse would be added to her maltreatment.


BELOW: The dilapidated unsafe Stung Thmei Primary School now demolished and replaced with a new Library and upgraded classrooms, where we conduct Free English and Computer classes after school hours for both students and teachers. (Picture 3 below) 




Free computer and English classes are provided to kids that cannot afford private tuition.


A visiting volunteer from Canada, leading a class with Just Teaching’s founder, Issy Penn. Taken December 2015

Jobs in the booming tourist industry and  educational opportunities in the professions are only available to those with English, but government schools are sorely lacking in basic education and there is little or no English and Computer tuition, where even electricity is unavailable.
There are many inadequate and makeshift schools and classrooms, such as the one  depicted below,  in the extremely poor Angkor Thom district and where, in the wet season, the kids have had to sit ankle deep in water on the dirt floors.